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Best boiler brands of 2021

Requiring a new boiler is not only a costly event but the process can also be overwhelming as there are many brands of boilers available on the market, also offering various models, how does a property owner know which one to choose?

In addition, a replacement boiler is often needed in a hurry due to a breakdown or failure of a current boiler and therefore, time will be of the essence to decide upon a new model, arrange installation and for the fitting to take place and avoiding lengthily comparisons between boilers and shopping around for the best price.

A homeowner will also want to be assured that the right type of boiler is chosen to meet the household requirements and type of property, as well as being reliable to last as long as possible.

In this guide, we will aim to shed some light on the best boiler brands available to hopefully assist with providing some insight into which brands you may wish to consider when purchasing a new boiler.

Factors to be Considered when Replacing a Boiler

It is appreciated that buying a new boiler may not be the most exciting purchase, however, there are benefits of installing a new boiler, such as new modern systems are often more economical and therefore should result in a decrease in energy bills.

However, value for money, quality and reliability of a new boiler will be of utmost importance when considering which brand to choose from, as well as the duration of a manufacturer warranty offered as standard and the after-sales service by the brand.

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The type of boiler required

One of the first tasks required when shopping for a new boiler is to establish which type of boiler is needed. Typically, the property requirements and household usage will determine the type of boiler to be installed, however, there are three common types of boiler to select from when seeking to install a new boiler, as follows:

• Combination boilers – Also known as combi-boilers, provide both heating and hot water from the mains without the need for a water tank, which can save both physical spaces as well as energy usage. Combi-boilers are generally most suited to small to medium-sized properties depending on the number of bathrooms and household usage requirements. One main consideration when establishing if a combi-boiler would be suitable is to check the water pressure requirements.

• Heat-only boilers – As the name suggests, this type of boiler only provides heat energy directly into the radiators via the use of a hot water cylinder. Heat-only boilers are often installed into properties with older style radiators, saving the property owners of older houses the cost of replacing the whole heating system.

• System boilers – A system boiler is a cylinder system that is an integrated, non-open valve system. System boilers are best suited for properties with low water pressure; however, most system boilers require more space, than say a combi-boiler.

Now that we have discussed the most common types of boilers, we can review the best boiler brands within each type.

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The Best Combi, Regular and System Boilers

Our top three chosen brands all manufacturer combination, regular and system boilers, however, have been selected as our top brands due to the quality and efficiency of their products, customer reviews, warranty period offered, customer service as well as pricing.

Upon rating all of the above, our preferred boiler brands are as follows:

Position 1 – Worcester Bosch boilers

Our top brand of boiler manufacturer is probably the most well-known and long-established brand within the boiler industry. Worcester Bosch makes a wide selection of boiler types including; oil, combi-boilers, system boilers as well as regular boilers. Popular Worcester Bosch boiler models include the CDI and Greenstar 25 or 30.

In addition to manufacturing reliable boilers, Worcester also provides long boiler warranties, typically between 5 and 10 years depending on the model selected and excel with their high standard of aftercare service.

Worcester Bosch does have a reputation of being one of the pricier brands due to the quality of their products and their customer service, however, higher prices are not always the case due to the introduction and expansion of online boiler installers, making the pricing more competitive.

Position 2 – Viessmann boilers

Viessmann is a German brand that is well known for its high-level engineering skills, creating highly energy-efficient, reliable boilers. Initially founded in 1917, the company has grown to the scale it is today, producing products in 22 countries, and is now considered the dominator within the European boiler manufacturer industry.

During the company’s growth, Viessmann has entered the UK market and have built a strong reputation, picking up many industry awards including a Which Best Buy award.

Popular Viessmann boiler models currently are the Vitodens 050-W and Vitodens 100-W.

Viessmann offers a range of boilers starting around £1,670, which is often deemed slightly more cost-effective than Worcester Bosch, without scrimping on the quality of the product.
In addition, and similar to Worcester Bosch, a 10-year warranty is offered with most of their boilers.

Position 3 – Ideal boilers

Our third boiler brand recommendation is for Ideal boilers. Ideal is a British manufacturer founded in 1906 but company growth has grown fast over recent years. Ideal offers a wide selection of boilers for various types including; combi-boilers, system boilers and heat only boilers.

Ideal also promote their after-sales customer service and provide long product warranties of up to 12 years. Pricing wise, Ideal tend to be on par with Worcester Bosch boiler prices, however as previously mentioned, savings can be made by shopping online.

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The Best Oil Boiler Brands

Oil boilers are not manufactured by every brand and therefore there is a slightly smaller pool of brands to choose from. Our research has led us to recommend the following brands of oil boilers:

  • Position 1 – Grant
  • Position 2 – Worcester Bosch
  • Position 3 – Valliant

Best boiler brands summary

At first, the market for new boilers can be overwhelming due to the extensive choice of boilers and marketing of other services such as extended warranties, prompt installation and finance options. However, hopefully, this guide will help a homeowner to find the most suitable type of boiler and filter through the options available by selecting the best boiler brand.

There are multiple benefits for installing a new boiler including energy savings, however, when shopping for a new boiler, a number of other elements should be considered in addition to the cost of the boiler such as; quality of the product, energy efficiency levels, brand reputation, after-sales service and warranty period offered.

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