Heatable vs Boxt Boilers

Heatable Vs Boxt

Is there much, if any difference between these two titans of the UK online boiler industry? Both Heatable and BOXT have been rising stars in the UK boiler industry in recent years, taking on industry heavyweight British Gas and leaving a pretty big mark. But which is better and how exactly do you determine the … Read more

Heatable Boiler Discount/Voucher Codes

Heatable Discount Codes

Are you looking for the latest discount/voucher codes for your chosen boiler company? We have teamed up with industry experts to help filter out all of those fake discount codes you may have found on the web. In fact, we were so tired of them that we decided to contact Heatable to alert them and … Read more

NHS Boiler Discounts (Blue Light Workers)

NHS Boiler Discounts

Are you a blue light/NHS worker and are in need of a new boiler installation? Thankfully, many online boiler installation companies based in the UK do indeed offer NHS boiler discounts to NHS staff and workers. NHS Boiler Discounts – Who Offers Them? As mentioned many boiler installation companies offer boiler discount codes to NHS … Read more

Outdoor/External Boilers (UK Guide)

Outdoor Boilers (UK Guide)

Are you wondering what the best outdoor boilers available in the UK are? Here we explore the best available models, pros and cons. Typically, people look for an outdoor boiler (also referred to as an external boiler) solution if they have limited space or when they already have one installed on their property. In the … Read more

Biomass Boilers (UK Guide)

What is a biomass boiler? Are they worth the investment in the UK? And what financial assistance is available? In this guide, we’ll explain what a biomass boiler is, how it works and why now is potentially a better time than ever to invest in one. Let’s jump in… What is a Biomass Boiler? Biomass … Read more

How Much To Change From Water Tank To Combi Boiler

How Much To Change From Water Tank To Combi Boiler

Are you considering changing from a boiler with a tank, or maybe a system, immersion heater or conventional boiler? Is it possible and what are the costs involved? In this guide we answer the most common questions regarding changing your current heating system to a combi boiler, as well as potential limitations. Why change to … Read more

Underfloor Heating with a Combi Boiler

Underfloor Heating with a Combi Boiler

Can you install underfloor heating with a combination boiler? How do these installations work together and what are the costs involved? Underfloor heating is seen as a luxury by many and something only observed in new build properties, but that’s no longer the case. Underfloor heating can typically be retrofitted into existing homes with very … Read more

How long does it take to fit a boiler?

How long does it take to fit a boiler

How long does it take to have a new boiler fitted in the UK? We asked some industry experts and Gas installers to find the answers. Knowing exactly how long a boiler takes to be installed is good to know, let’s face it, things like booking time off work is a big deal. So how … Read more

Most Efficient Gas Boilers UK

Most Efficient Boilers UK

Which new gas boilers are the most efficient in the UK? And how much can upgrading to an efficient boiler actually make to your energy bill? Essentially your gas boilers efficiency relates to how much energy or fuel it burns that is converted into heat energy i.e. the more efficient, the more fuel is used … Read more

Boiler Scrappage Scheme (UK Government Assistance)

Boiler Scrappage Scheme UK Government

Have you heard of the boiler scrappage scheme and are you wondering how to take advantage of it? Over half of the average monthly energy bill is spent on home heating, and if you have an old, inefficient boiler, that could add as much as £275 to your annual bill. The UK government boiler scrappage … Read more