What Are the Average Boiler Service Costs In 2024?

Last updated: May 15, 2024

A boiler service is necessary to keep your warranty valid and ensure it’s running efficiently and working as it should. But what are the average boiler service costs in 2024?

Ensuring your boiler stays efficient is vital since heating accounts for over 50% of your energy bill.

You likely don’t think much of your boiler until it stops working. However, like most things in life, keeping your boiler well-maintained and serviced can help prevent costly repairs down the line.

Routinely servicing your boiler is crucial to keeping it operating efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. A boiler service acts as a safety check, ensuring that the system is safe to use and that no dangerous leaking gases are present.

Servicing your boiler can give you peace of mind that it’s operating as it should and that you don’t have to deal with the sudden costs of replacing it.

But what are the average boiler service costs in the UK in 2024?

This guide explores everything you need to know about boiler service costs, including why you should service your boiler, how frequently, and factors that can impact the price.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Average boiler service costs can range from £120-£130 (including VAT).
  • You can pay a one-off boiler service fee or take out a cover plan that includes an annual service.
  • Arranging a yearly boiler service ensures safety, prevents breakdowns and expensive repairs, reduces running costs, increases your boiler’s lifespan, and maintains warranty validity.
  • Having your boiler serviced isn’t a legal requirement unless you’re a landlord.
  • Gas boilers must be serviced by Gas Safe-registered engineers, while oil boilers must be serviced by OFTEC-registered engineers.

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Why Should You Service Your Boiler?

There are many reasons to service your boiler. Some of the most important ones include:

To Maintain Safety

Ensuring your household’s safety is a huge priority for boiler maintenance. Safety checks are usually part of boiler servicing, ensuring the appliance is safe for continued use.

A Gas-Safe registered heating engineer inspects the boiler and heating system during servicing to ensure they operate safely.

This helps prevent hazards like carbon monoxide leaks, which can be silent and lethal.

Safety checks also involve evaluating your boiler’s condition, the flame, internal components, and ventilation paths.

Proper ventilation is crucial to ensure combustion fumes from the boiler are safely expelled from your household’s living space to prevent any poisoning risks.

To Prevent Breakdowns

Boilers that are not serviced break down more frequently.

When servicing a boiler, a professional heating engineer checks the internal parts for signs of wear and tear or damage.

This helps identify minor issues that can be corrected to prevent them from developing into major faults.

A major fault can lead to breakdowns, leaving you without heating and hot water at the most inconvenient times.

To Avoid Expensive Repairs

Getting your boiler serviced routinely will help identify issues early and rectify them before they develop into more expensive repairs.

Boiler repairs are usually more expensive than service calls, requiring replacement parts and increased labour.

While some repairs are usually inexpensive, call-outs in the case of emergency breakdowns can be costly.

Therefore, paying for annual boiler servicing is an excellent way to save money in the long run.

To Keep The Warranty or Guarantee Valid

Various manufacturers require that you have up-to-date servicing on your boiler for the warranty or guarantee to remain valid.

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Warranties can range from 2 to 10 years. If your boiler is fairly new and still under warranty, keeping it in place gives you peace of mind by ensuring you’re protected and continue to receive free repairs or a replacement during the warranty period.

Failing to get an annual boiler service can invalidate your warranty, meaning you’ll pay out of pocket should anything happen to your boiler.

To Reduce Running Costs

A boiler service helps improve your boiler’s efficiency and general performance, making it cheaper to run.

With rising living costs across the UK, reducing energy consumption is essential. The more energy your boiler uses, the higher your running costs.

An efficient boiler will use less fuel to heat your home and provide hot water, helping reduce your energy bill.

To Increase Your Boiler’s Lifespan

Boiler servicing is essential to maintaining your boiler and lengthening its lifespan.

Boilers, with good maintenance, can last for 10 to 15 years on average. Getting your boiler serviced annually can ensure it lasts as long as possible with optimal performance before replacing it.

What Are The Average Boiler Service Costs?

Average boiler service costs can range from £120-£130 (including VAT). The costs vary due to reasons like the type of boiler to be serviced, the servicing company and your location in the UK.

Most Gas Safe engineers charge a one-off fee for the annual boiler service, which can take around 30 minutes to complete.

The table below shows the typical and average costs for the various types of boilers:

Type of BoilerOne-off Service Cost (Low – High)Average Cost
Gas boiler£120 – £130£100
Oil boiler£80 – £140£90
Electric combi boiler£55 – £90£72
Commercial boiler £90

Large companies usually charge more due to the scale of their overheads. However, It’s usually a generalisation, and it’s recommended to get a number of quotes before proceeding with booking a boiler service.

Another option is to take out a boiler cover plan, which will commonly include an annual service.

Should You Opt for A Boiler Cover Plan or Pay for Servicing?

A boiler cover plan is a type of insurance that covers your boiler and central heating, with costs ranging from £100 to £200 on average for an annual service.

Although a boiler cover plan can be more expensive than a one-off fee, it’s a cost-effective solution that offers other benefits that make it worthwhile.

Boiler cover costs can range, on average, from £8 – £13 per month, depending on the policy provider.

The costs can vary depending on the level of cover chosen, the type of boiler you use, and the age of your heating system. A more expensive policy can cost around £30 a month.

What Makes A Boiler Cover Plan Worth It?

Cover plans consolidate costs into a predictable expense, making it easier to budget and ensuring your boiler remains in peak condition.

In addition to the annual service, cover plans can also cover you for replacement parts or repairs, giving you full peace of mind. Some options also cover your heating system, while others include plumbing, drains, home electric covers, and home emergencies.

Ensure you compare different boiler cover plans to find one that aligns with your specific needs and determine if the cost is reasonable for the cover level and expected usage.

You can also ask your home insurance provider to add boiler insurance to the package, making it cheaper than taking out a separate policy.

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Before committing, fully check the policy’s terms and conditions. Pay attention to any exclusions, the duration of an initial no-claims period, and the type of boiler or age it covers.

How Much Does A Gas Boiler Service Cost?

A one-off gas annual gas boiler servicing costs between £120 to £130 on average (including VAT).

A Gas-Safe engineer will conduct a full audit of your boiler during the service.

They’ll check for any faults, inspect control functionality, and ensure everything is in working order.

They’ll also clean essential components if necessary, check for leaks, and test the flue for toxic fumes.

How Much Does An Oil Boiler Service Cost?

The average cost of an oil boiler service is between £80 and £140.

Oil boilers usually command a higher price due to the additional labour involved in cleaning parts like oil filters and fuel tanks.

However, servicing will help you avoid dust, debris, or soot build-up in your boiler and ensure it’s as energy-efficient as possible. This will save you money on fuel costs in the long run.

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How Much Does A Combi Boiler Service Cost?

The average cost of a combi boiler service can range from £70 – £120 on average, including VAT. However, the work can also cost anywhere between £120 and £130.

Combi boilers are usually more accessible for servicing than other types of gas or oil boilers. They also have fewer parts, making servicing a relatively quick job.

How Frequently Should You Service Your Boiler?

You should get your boiler serviced at least once a year.

The best time to get your boiler serviced is in the summer months to ensure it’s in good condition going into winter. This will give you the best possible protection from unwanted boiler breakdowns.

Also, Gas Safety Engineers will be more available in summer than in the depths of winter!

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What Is Included with A Boiler Service?

What’s included in a boiler service can vary slightly depending on the type of boiler you have. However, you can expect the following from the heating engineer:

Visual Inspection

The engineer is qualified to efficiently and safely inspect your boiler, and they’ll know what to look for during a visual inspection.

The visual check will involve looking for any corrosive damage or leaks that may have occurred since the last inspection.

They’ll also check the boiler flame to ensure it’s normal.

Inspection of Internal Parts

Once the engineer completes the visual inspection, they’ll remove the boiler’s casing to check the internal components of your boiler.

They’ll check for any damage and clean inside the boiler if necessary.

They’ll also check the heat exchanger, burner, and other components critical for your boiler’s performance.

Safety Checks and Tests

A boiler service also includes different checks and tests to ensure your boiler is operating safely and correctly. these include:

  • Gas Pressure Check

Gas pressure checks are essential since low or high pressure can impact your boiler’s lifespan and performance.

Your radiators and taps require the gas pressure to be on the right levels to heat up properly.

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The engineer will check your boiler’s gas pressure and ensure it’s at the right level to guarantee sufficient heating and hot water for your home.

  • Flue Check

The heating engineer will check the flue to ensure there are no obstructions within the flue terminals.

They’ll confirm that the boiler flue is fitted safely and any dangerous gases are discharging effectively.

The flue check is a key servicing component and should only be done by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

  • Flue Gas Analyser Check

The engineer will then reassemble the boiler and adjust the boiler to maximum and minimum output for short periods of time.

They’ll use a flue gas analyser to check your boiler’s combustion at the maximum and minimum output to ensure the boiler is safely burning the fuel it’s using.

  • Safety Devices Check

All boilers have some safety device built into them. The engineer inspects and tests them to ensure they’re operating properly.

They’ll also check how the boiler starts and ensure it’s firing up as it should without any faults.

Boiler Service Report

The engineer will then issue you with a boiler service report or certificate once they complete all the relevant boiler and system checks.

They’ll highlight any potential issues or problems you need to address and provide recommendations for amending or fixing the boiler problems.

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Are There Legal Obligations for Boiler Servicing?

Having your boiler serviced isn’t a legal requirement unless you’re a landlord.

UK law requires all landlords to service their property’s boilers annually in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance. This ensures the property is safe for tenants and that they have the heating and hot water they require.

The landlord must also arrange gas safety checks for any gas appliances on their property, including boilers, by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safe registration is a legal requirement for anyone working on gas systems. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to verify the credentials of the engineer before they start servicing your boiler.

Are There Legal Obligations for Oil Boiler Servicing?

Similar to gas boilers, getting your oil boiler serviced isn’t a legal requirement unless you’re a landlord.

However, the oil boiler must only be serviced by an OFTEC-registered engineer. OFTEC applies to oil-fired systems and endorses competencies for engineers working with oil.

Getting your oil boiler serviced can help you save money on fuel costs, increase the safety of your home, and reduce the risks of boiler failure.

Boiler Service Costs Summary

Booking an annual boiler service ensures your household has the best protection from the boiler breaking down and provides peace of mind that the boiler and heating system are running safely. Servicing your boilers at least once a year after installation will ensure the warranty remains valid and that it’s operating at peak efficiency.

The cost of servicing your boiler is relatively low compared to repair or breakdown costs. You can book boiler servicing directly with a local Gas Safe Engineer, or a National chain. You can also follow the directions of a boiler cover plan if it includes boiler servicing.

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