Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance UK

Last updated: June 7, 2024

Do you need a new boiler but don’t have the funds to pay for it upfront? With buy now pay later boiler finance, you can get a new A-rated boiler without paying anything and spread the cost over affordable monthly payments.

Installing a new boiler can be expensive. According to the Energy Savings Trust, a new boiler can cost between £ 3,700 and £5,500.

With many UK households still struggling with rising living costs, the cost of a new boiler isn’t something most people can afford on the fly, especially if it’s an unplanned breakdown.

Thankfully, buy now, pay later boiler finance can help if you can’t afford to replace a broken, old or inefficient boiler or want to spread the cost over time.

This guide explores some of the most popular buy now, pay later boiler finance deals on the market, the approval process, and how they vary in terms of interest, upfront payments, and more.

You’ll also learn about the options and alternatives for those with bad credit, and potential boiler grants you can take advantage of.

Boiler bought through buy now pay later boiler finance
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Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance Quick Takeaways:

  • Boiler finance is available from most online boiler installation companies.
  • It allows you to spread the cost of a new boiler installation and pay monthly installments over several years instead.
  • Some companies offer interest-free boiler finance and require no deposit.
  • Of course, like any finance application, a credit check is part of the application process.
  • Companies like offer boiler finance for consumers with bad credit and interest-free plans on specified models. You can start your application here.

What Is Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance?

Buy now, pay later boiler finance schemes allow you to defer payments for a new boiler for a set period, usually 12 months. You can install a new boiler now and start making payments later, typically in monthly installments.

Boiler finance has become very popular among consumers. Once approved, the lender covers the initial expenses of installing your new boiler and allows you to repay the high cost in manageable monthly chunks.

Boiler finance gives you the option to pay the total payable amount in small chunks over the period of 2,5,7 or even 10 years. 

Some buy-now-pay-later boiler finance plans may request an upfront deposit for the boiler, while others may not.

The interest you’ll repay can also differ from one provider to another. Ensure you do your homework and compare all available options.

Check out our video on how to vet boiler brands/models in the UK:

How Does Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance Work?

As the name suggests, “Buy now, pay later” financing allows you to pay nothing for a limited period of time and then break down the cost of the new boiler and installation fees into affordable monthly payments.

However, to be approved for finance, you must apply as you would for any other credit agreement and be approved to access buy now pay later boiler finance.

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Why Choose Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance?

One of the great benefits of choosing boiler finance is that you don’t have to wait until you save the required amount to install a new boiler.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for a buy now, pay later boiler finance scheme, you can replace your old boiler with a new one, potentially within a few days.

The plan is most beneficial when your old boiler breaks down, and you need money to replace it immediately. 

A new boiler model can be installed for a very small or, in some cases, no upfront fee.

A new boiler on finance can potentially pay for itself in the long term since the energy savings you make can be substantial. New condensing boilers consume way less energy than old non-condensing boilers.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, a new, A-rated condensing boiler can save up to £475 annually on fuel costs, depending on your home’s size and thermal performance.

So, in theory, you can use the amount you save on the bills to pay the monthly installment for the boiler.

If you choose to install a boiler on finance, you will likely enjoy other perks. These can include a free 5-year or 10-year warranty, guarantee, insurance, or an annual service package.

So, rest assured, you will hopefully not have to pay for the expensive repairs or another boiler replacement for a long time.

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Boilers on Finance Options Available in the UK

There are many boiler finance options available in the market that can help lessen your financial burden.

First, you need to specify the fuel your boiler uses: gas, LPG, or oil.

The boiler brands offer three main types of boilers: combi boilers, heat-only (regular boilers), and system boilers.

You can find plenty of packages in the market, with smaller companies offering cheaper rates. 

Here’s a comparison of some of the most popular finance options available in the boiler market:

British GasInterest-Free£00% interest3 years
British GasInterest Bearing£09.9%3, 5, 8, or 10 years
BOXTInterest Bearing£0 – 50%9.9%5 or 10 years
Glow GreenInterest Free£00% interest2 years
HomeServeInterest Bearing£09.9%3 to 10 years
E.ONInterest Bearing£07.9%5 or 7 years
Swale HeatingBuy Now, Pay Later10%0% if paid in full after 12 months 14.9%10 years
Swale HeatingInterest Bearing10%9.9%3 or 5 years
Table last updated June 2024.

Are Credit Checks Required?

Unfortunately, a standard credit check is required for all boiler finance applicants.

However, with increased competition among boiler finance lenders and schemes, people with poor credit tend to take advantage of this offer.

In most cases, if you have not had any recent County Court Judgements (CCJs) or Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) within the last five years, pass rates for boilers on finance are quite high.

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The other key factors that can contribute to the rejection of your finance application are Bankruptcy and recent mortgage payments in arrears.

Want to learn about all the factors that contribute to a boiler quote? Check out our boiler cost calculator to understand the latest deals and what is factored into a gas boiler replacement estimate.

Do You Need A Deposit?

Some companies and lenders allow you to pay nothing or up to 50% of the loan amount.

A large deposit can reduce your monthly payments considerably.

However, large deposits are rare since you’ll likely not have access to a lump sum when looking for buy now pay later boiler finance.

What Are the Repayment Periods?

Buy now, pay later, boiler finance schemes offer flexible repayment periods. You can choose a 2, 5, 7, or 10-year repayment plan.

The longer the repayment period, the lower the monthly payments. However, you’ll pay more interest overall the longer you take to pay off the boiler.

For example, the interest rate on a 10-year repayment plan will be remarkably higher than a 5-year plan. 

What Documents are Required?

To apply for the “Buy now pay later” boilers, you must be a UK resident over 18.

The list of documents that you’ll need to support your application for boiler finance includes:

  • Proof of residence.
  • Your valid photo ID i.e., Passport or driving license..
  • Provide proof of income to show you have the finances to pay monthly installments.
  • A utility bill dated the last three months of boiler finance.

It is important to note that you must not be over the age of 85 to apply for boiler finance.

Also, your application has a higher chance of rejection if you will be turning 85 before the end of the finance term.  

Best Buy Now Pay Later Deals UK

With the presence of competitive finance offers from different companies and lenders, it is hard to choose the right one for you.

Many installers offer lucrative deals like zero-percent deposits and interest-free repayments.

Companies offering some of the best deals on buy now pay later boiler finance include:

British Gas

British Gas is one of the biggest companies when it comes to boiler installation.

The company is currently offering zero deposit, three years of interest-free credit, a five-year warranty with all parts and expert installation by gas engineers.

The company has acquired a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot but is often labelled as “the most expensive” by its users.


Heatable offers some amazing finance deals on top boilers.

Rated excellent on TrustPilot, the company offers a zero percent interest rate, flexible monthly repayment options, no fee on overpayments, and a 10-year guarantee.

Many other companies offer zero-percent deposits and zero-percent APRs over a specific finance period.

They have also acquired a good rating on Trustpilot. These companies include BOXT (4.9/5), E.ON (3.4/5), and heating force (3.7/5).

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Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions asked with regard to buy now pay later boiler finance and other similar pay-monthly boiler schemes:

Can You Get Boiler Finance with Bad Credit?

Typically, the answer to this question is yes. However, you’ll typically have fewer deals available, and you will often find boiler finance options are more limited.

This means that if you do have poor credit and want to apply for boiler finance, you should expect to pay more interest and be offered less favourable terms than the typical finance options out there.

What Else Will You Get with A New Boiler on Finance?

Once you qualify for a buy now pay later boiler finance from some of the best installers, the boiler will be installed by a Gas Safe engineer as standard. You’ll also receive the following extras as part of your boiler package: 

  • A wireless thermostat — A thermostat offers maximum control of the heating system, and you can also upgrade to a smart thermostat.
  • Boiler filter — A filter protects your boiler and heating system from debris, sludge, and corrosion. 
  • Chemical cleanse A cleanse removes debris or sludge from the system and can help improve water quality, a leading cause of corrosion. 
  • Flue kit — A flue is necessary for any new boiler installation and helps ensure harmful gases safely exit your property.

What Does Interest-Free (0% APR) Mean?

With 0% APR financing, you’ll not pay any interest over a set term.

Some installers and companies offer 0% interest-free boilers but only with payment terms over 12 months or less.

Others, like Heatable, offer 0% APR financing for selected boilers over longer periods of up to 48 months.

Are Government Boiler Grants Available?

Currently, two main government boiler schemes are available in the UK: the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

To qualify for the ECO scheme and access grants that cover the full or partial cost of a new boiler, you must meet strict eligibility criteria.

BUS offers £5,000 towards the cost of installing a biomass boiler only, so you can’t use it for other types of boilers.

Wondering how much a new boiler costs? Check out our guide on options available if you need a new boiler but can’t afford it, as well as boilers on finance and government boiler grants here.

Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance Schemes Summary

Buy now pay later schemes for boilers are undoubtedly lifesaving if you can’t afford a boiler replacement outright.

This saves you from the stress of looking for money immediately and gives you the liberty to choose a plan to stretch your monthly payments.

You’ll likely be eligible for zero down payments and 0% APR if you have a good credit rating.

However, your poor credit history does not mean you cannot apply for the scheme unless you have major issues with your loan/mortgage repayment record.

It is advisable to first choose the right boiler for your heating needs and then find the right buy-now, pay-later boiler finance plan.

Most boiler companies and lenders are offering free online quotes these days.

It’s best to get a quote from different lenders/companies and compare them to choose the plan that suits you the best.

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