Boxt Boiler Replacement – Are Boxt Any Good?

Last updated: April 29, 2024

If your boiler has had a breakdown recently, has been costing you a fortune in small repairs or is simply on its last legs, you may have been considering replacing it, with a modern one.

If you have already started undertaking research online, you may have already come across BOXT, the online boiler supplier.

BOXT have been working hard to bolster their customer base over recent months by increasing their marketing massively, which has been highly effective.

In this review, we will explore the company BOXT further as well as exploring how online boiler platforms work and the typical costs involved with buying a boiler online.

Who are BOXT?

BOXT are the original and leading online boiler ordering company that was developed by the former owners of Help-Link, a boiler servicing and installation company.

In addition to the former owners of Help-Link, Bosch also has a large stake in BOXT.

The user friendly, professional looking website guides potential customers through a short questionnaire process in order to establish the property and household usage requirements, in order to suggest a shortlist of boiler recommendations.

The site enables customers to browse, price and compare various boilers as well as continuing to order the boiler and arrange an installation on a date that suits the customer.

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The new boiler can also be delivered promptly, sometimes even as quickly as the next working day, which is really helpful especially when dealing with a boiler breakdown.

Due to Bosch owning a significant proportion of the company, BOXT features Worcester Bosch within most quotes and does slightly have a reduced selection of boiler manufacturers compared to other online boiler companies such as Boiler Central.

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For example, however, this does not impact the customer feedback that BOXT receives as the company rates very highly within customer reviews for both the website experience as well as the service provided by the installers.

In addition, the discount available on Worcester Bosch boilers purchased via BOXT is worthwhile noting as it enabled the high-quality boilers to be purchased at a very competitive price.

BOXT also provides a finance option through their partnered company Divido, allowing eligible customers to spread the cost of a new boiler and the installation easily all via one website.

BOXT Reviews and Complaints

The Trustpilot reviews of BOXT are extremely high, with approximately 98% of the reviews rated as 5 stars, granting the company the top spot for both gas and central heating installations via the review site.

What Type of Boilers does BOXT Install?

BOXT has grown exponentially since launching back in 2017, from originally focussing on gas boiler replacements, however, these days they have diversified to offer boilers suitable for most fuel types including LPG.

The platform and questionnaire to provide a quote are heavily focussed on gas types of boilers. If you are seeking a quote with a different fuel type, you may have to call BOXT to speak to a heating advisor.

How Does BOXT Offer Such Competitive Prices?

As we have discussed, the web-based platform guides potential customers through a short questionnaire to establish the boiler requirements.

By taking a process that was traditionally very time-consuming involving individual quotes being requested from different companies, that would involve heating engineers making a house visit, to a purely online and simplified process enabling a homeowner to complete, and as such the overheads of the company are kept low.

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BOXT Boiler Replacement Costs?

BOXT boiler installations are very reasonably priced! Often up to a third of the total price is cheaper than rival installation companies can quote.

In addition to the online company being able to keep their overheads low and pass on bulk buying savings to the customer, the company’s association with one of the top brands of boiler manufacturers also helps to offer such a discount on Worcester Bosch boiler models.

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Worcester Bosch provides high-quality boilers and therefore to achieve a decent discount on such a product, simply ordering in a modern way is excellent, the product is the same and the customer also still benefits from long boiler warranties by ordering via BOXT, typically between 5 and 10 years depending on the model selected.

The actual price of a boiler replacement would vary depending on the household requirements and boiler make and model chosen, however, you can be certain that you will obtain a very satisfactory quote from BOXT. To obtain a personalised quote, visit BOXT Direct.

What’s Included in a BOXT Boiler Replacement?

In addition to very competitive boiler replacement pricing, BOXT also offers a complete installation package including:

  • A Full System Clean – A flushing process that removes any debris from the current heating system to protect the new boiler from the historic build-up of sludge.
  • Smart Thermostat – A device, often worth up to £200 that enables controlling the heating system from an app, usually increasing the energy efficiency levels too!
  • Boiler Filter – A further layer of protection for your new boiler, by fitting a magnetic filter device.
  • A Long Warranty – Providing peace of mind that the parts are protected for a long period of time with a long product warranty.
  • Finance – As we have discussed, BOXT offers finance options enabling the customer to spread the cost of a new boiler and the installation.
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BOXT Boiler Replacement Summary

The process of buying a boiler online via BOXT is simple, hassle-free and convenient. The modern, one-platform approach enables a suitable boiler to be recommended and the installation to be organised in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

In addition, there are no pushy salespeople involved. Instead, the customer is provided a fixed, transparent price that is very competitive, especially for high-quality brands.

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The customer satisfaction provided by BOXT is also a merit to the company, offering a smooth simple process of ordering a boiler that is fitted by professional, qualified installers on a suitable day chosen by the customer.

The entire online process has modernised and simplified the boiler industry, providing vast improvements in price transparency, the speed of fitting and cost savings direct in the customer’s pocket.