Best Floor Standing Combi Boilers in 2022

Are you interested in a floor standing boiler? 

Floor standing boilers are ideal for certain spaces, but unfortunately they aren’t as popular as wall-hung boiler units, so options are limited. 

However, there are some reliable floor standing boilers available, but which brand offers the best? With a lengthy warranty too? 

In this guide, we’ll explore the best options available in 2022, as well as the models you probably want to avoid. 

Best boilers

What is a Floor Standing Boiler?

A floor-standing boiler is large boilers that are typically too heavy to be mounted to a wall and therefore they stand on the floor.

Floor-standing boilers come in various shapes, sizes and run on a range of different fuel types. There are two main types of floor standing boilers as follows:

Conventional and systems boilers

These boilers are traditional types of heating systems that require a hot water cylinder system and expansion tank in addition to the boiler itself, to be able to work.

Conventional and systems boilers provide both heating and hot water and are typical of large size to provide sufficient energy for larger properties and families, however, due to their size, do require ample space.

In addition, these types of boilers can be powered via multiple energy sources such as gas, oil or LPG.

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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are often a suitable option for larger properties or rural properties with outside space to be able to accommodate the boiler and the fuel such as renewable organic materials like wood.

Biomass boilers come in various different types; however, they are a highly efficient option for heating water and providing heating as well as being an eco-friendlier choice.

These days most biomass boilers are automatic therefore they provide further energy efficiency by controlling the amount of air and heat required to produce the required amount of heat.

Currently, the installation of an eco-friendly biomass boiler is also supported by the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme or RHI.

Are Floor Standing Boiler’s Good?

Floor-standing boilers have reduced in popularity over recent years however this is not due to the efficiency or performance of the boiler itself, but more due to the amount of space that floor standing boilers require.

In the UK we tend to build small sized properties and therefore floor standing boilers are typically not suitable in modern homes however if you desire a biomass boiler for example, floor standing is your only option!

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Can you get a Floor Standing Boiler Combi Boiler?

Yes, floor standing boilers are still available on the market, and if you are looking to replace a current floor standing boiler it is often more economical to replace a boiler with the same type so that pipework changes are kept to a minimum during installation.

What are the Best Floor Standing Regular Boilers?

Despite the size of floor standing regular boilers, there is still a demand for them and therefore a wide range of floor standing boilers available on the market.

We have whittled down our top recommendations as follows:

Best Floor Standing Boilers in the UK in 2022

#1 Worcester Floor Standing Greenstar 30CDi (ErP) Regular Boiler

Our top brand of boiler manufacturer is probably the most well-known and long-established brand within the boiler industry.

No matter which type of boiler is required, Worcester Bosch commonly feature on the best boiler lists, recommended due to the quality of the boiler, the warranty duration and customer service level.

The floor standing boiler we have chosen from the Worcester Bosch range is the Greenstar 30CDi, and is powerful, yet for floor standing boilers fairly small in size unit at 850mm x 400mm x 600mm.

The modern boiler not only works with the smart controller and app but is also compatible with certain brands of solar thermal panels.

Typically, the Greenstar 30CDi floor standing boiler will cost around £1,500 plus installation.

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#2 Ideal Boilers – Mexico HE

Our second recommendation is for a heat only Ideal boiler. Ideal is a British boiler manufacturer established in 1906, who offer a wide range of boiler types along with providing long product warranties and excellent after-sales customer service.

The Mexico HE floor standing range of boilers are available in a choice of power output between 16kW and 38kW, so there is plenty of choice of finding a suitable boiler size for your property requirements. Similar to the Worcester option, the Mexico HE range is also suitable for solar.

#3 Grant UK Boilers – Grant 36 kW Spira

Grant has over four decades of experience in designing and manufacturing a range of boilers, initially focusing on oil-fired boilers but have branched out over the years to offer a wide range of boilers, including energy-efficient renewable options.

The biomass boiler that we are recommending is low maintenance, wood pellet fuelled boiler that has an output of 26kW.

The smart unit incorporates self-cleaning heat exchangers as well as an automatic fuel feed and can be located either outside or within a garage or outbuilding.

The A rated boiler is also DEFRA approved so you can be reassured of the safety of the product and the emissions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Floor Standing Boilers?

Advantages of Floor Standing Boilers 

  • The availability of floor standing boilers on the market ensures that homeowners can replace boilers like for like, reducing the changes required to the pipework.
  • The powerful boilers produce strong flow rates and are available in eco-friendly versions such as biomass boilers.

Disadvantages of Floor Standing Boilers

  • Floor-standing boilers require significant space and therefore are not always practical in smaller properties
  • Although there are a range of manufactures providing some choice to the customer, compared with combi boilers, there are limited options

What size boiler is right for your home? If you are thinking about a combi boiler, it is largely determined by the number of radiators in your home.

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Best Floor Standing Boilers Summary

There are still quite a number of floor standing boilers available on the market, with a choice in manufacturer, fuel types and differing in size and power outage.

The boiler brands we have discussed during this article are all top players in the boiler industry providing a good selection of boilers as well as warranties and customer service for their products.

Eco-friendly boiler models of floor standing boilers are also available, providing the eco-conscious customer with an option, as well as the biomass boilers being elidable for government grant funding.

If you would like any further advice regarding floor standing boilers and their suitability for your property and usage, please seek the expert advice of a heating engineer.