Boiler Ignition Lockout – Causes & How to Fix

Boiler Ignition Lockout

Often a boiler lockout occurs at the worst possible time, often during running the kids baths or in the depths of winter. Either way the root cause of why a boiler doesn’t ignite would need to be investigated in order to get the boiler back up and running again. This guide will cover the most … Read more

Boiler Flue Regulations in 2022 – What You Need to Know

Boiler Regulations

Throughout this guide we will be exploring the many rules in relation to where a boiler and its flue may be fitted in order to keep the property, it’s habitants and neighbours safe. What is a Boiler Flue? Firstly, let’s clarify what exactly is a boiler flue. A boiler flue is a pipe that enables … Read more

Are Electric Boilers Expensive to Run?

Are electric boilers expensive to run

Electric boilers tend to have a reputation for being expensive to run, perhaps because of any experience of the use of old-school wall mounted electric heaters or the knowledge that on average a unit of gas is cheaper than a unit of electricity, but is this generalisation fair and an accurate representation of modern electric … Read more

7 Quietest Boilers in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

Quietest Boilers

There is a wide range of reasons why the noise level of a boiler may be an issue, for example, the location of the boiler within a household with close proximity to living areas of the property. With increased working from home due to the pandemic, household noises have increasingly become more noticeable and therefore … Read more

What is an Eco-Friendly Boiler?

Eco Friendly Boilers

An ever-increasing pressure has been mounting to improve the UK’s carbon emissions in order to fight climate change. While the UK Government have set targets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, households themselves are also increasingly aware of their own carbon footprint and use of resources and therefore seek to make improvements. Gas boilers … Read more

Boiler Lockout Causes & How to Fix

Boiler Lockout Causes

Boiler lockouts can be incredibly inconvenient, causing an inability to use the heating, hot water or both until the matter can be resolved. There are a number of reasons that could cause a boiler to lock out and subsequently the boiler not to fire up. In this post, we will explore what a boiler lockout … Read more

Boiler PCB Faults – Circuit Board Busted?

PCB Boiler Faults

The boiler’s PCB, otherwise known as a printed circuit board, is the motherboard of the boiler, controlling each of the components, the communication between the parts and the processes that ensure that the boiler works. A fault with a PCB will require a call out from a Gas Safety registered heating engineer in order to … Read more

How to Fix a Faulty Diverter Value

Faulty Diverter Value

Boiler breakdowns unfortunately always seem to occur when you could do without the stress, inconvenience and the additional cost! Whilst some faults can be due to specific causes such as colder weather or power surges, faults with the diverter valve are more common with the older types of combination boilers. In this post we will … Read more

Boiler Leaking Water – Causes, solutions & costs

Boiler Leaking Water

Unfortunately, boilers of all types can sometimes spring leaks and however inconvenient a leaking boiler is, the sign must be acknowledged and investigated as soon as possible, to understand the source and prevent any further damage occurring either to the boiler itself and its components or to the property caused by leaking water. In this … Read more

Smell of Gas from a Boiler – What should you do?

Boiler Gas Leak

If you ever smell gas that could possibly be escaping from your boiler, there could be a serious problem and therefore the situation should be treated as an emergency. Large gas leaks can usually be detected via the sense of smell or a hissing sound coming from the gas equipment, however smaller gas leaks may … Read more