Heatable Discount Codes May 2024

Last updated: May 18, 2024

Are you looking for the latest Heatable discount codes? This guide will help you discover working codes to save on your next Heatable boiler purchase.

With 58% of UK households reporting rising living costs as of May 2024, saving a few quid wherever possible has never made more sense.

Discount codes can help you save money on a new boiler purchase while enjoying a wide selection of quality boilers.

If you’ve been scouring the web for the latest heatable discount codes, you’ve likely come across illegitimate codes from bogus websites.

We have teamed up with industry experts to help you filter out fake discount codes you may have found online.

To ensure we give you legitimate codes, we contacted Heatable to confirm the codes that work in 2024.

Boiler Installation after using Heatable discount codes
Image by Worcester Bosch

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use the discount code MAY50 to get £50 off your new boiler order this May when making your purchase through Heatable.
  • NHS staff and Bluelight workers can also get a discount but you must contact Heatable to get a voucher.
  • You can still apply the discount code even when purchasing the boiler through a monthly payment plan.

What Are The Current Heatable Discount Codes

The official Heatable discount codes allow you to get a few pounds off the cost of your new boiler order.

Once you have received your boiler quote on the results page, you can then enter the Heatable Discount Code, which is as follows:

MAY50 = this provides £50 off the price of your new boiler install.

The code is valid for May only. Anyone buying a boiler through the Heatable website can use the code.

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Heatable also discounts other purchases, including battery storage and solar panels.

For battery storage, you can use the code MAY60 to get £60 off your battery order this May.

You can also use the code MAY100 to get £100 off your solar panel order this May.

Are There Heatable Discount Codes for NHS Staff & Blue Light Workers?

Yes! If you currently work for the NHS or any other emergency services in the UK, the great news is that Heatable offers an NHS discount.

This includes anyone working in the NHS, private hospitals, dental practice, GP staff, pharmacy staff, retired staff, hospice staff, healthcare volunteers, and healthcare-related charity staff.

The discount codes are not available to the general public since they’re strictly for NHS staff only. As such, the head of installations at Heatable notes as follows:

“For obvious reasons, we can’t publicly host the code on here, as it will be strictly for NHS staff only. So, please get in touch with our customer service team on 0330 113 1333 and we’ll talk it through.”

Patrick Garner, Gas Safe Engineer and Head of Installations at Heatable

You can also access the discount through the Bluelight app which will give you an official Bluelight Heatable discount code.

Check out our video on how to vet boiler brands/models in the UK:

How Do You Use Heatable Discount Codes?

You’ll first need to get a boiler quote so you can use the discount code at checkout.

The application is fast and easy. Answer a few questions about your fuel, the type of home and heating system you have and whether you’d want the new boiler in a different location.

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Next, you’ll need to compare fixed quotes on new boilers, choose one that suits you, and select an install date.

You’ll then get a prompt to choose the type of thermostat you want and how you’d like to pay.

After completing the application, you can email or call up Heatable and quote the voucher code.

Can I Use Heatable Discount Codes When Paying Monthly?

Yes. Heatable allows you to apply the discount even when spreading the cost of the new boiler with a monthly payment plan.

You can get a boiler on finance through buy now pay later schemes, also known as pay-monthly boilers or rent-a-boiler.

With boilers on finance, you can install a new boiler in your home without paying the full price before installation.

Instead, you can spread the cost of your new boiler with an affordable monthly pay deal, with no upfront payment and no hidden charges.

The monthly payment pays off the cost of the boiler, the installation, and, depending on your contract, any repair, maintenance, and servicing costs for the duration of your contract.

A payment plan can come in handy when your boiler breaks down and you don’t have the money to pay for a new boiler installation upfront.

Heatable Discount Codes Terms & Conditions

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions:

  • You can only use a single voucher claim per boiler installation.
  • You’ll get an E-voucher in your email address following the boiler installation order.
  • You can’t exchange vouchers for services, goods, or cashback.

Heatable Discount Codes Summary

You can use the discount code MAY50 to get £50 off your new boiler order this May. Heatable also offers discounts for anyone working for the NHS or any other emergency service in the UK. However, you must contact Heatable to get the discount codes since they’re not available to the public.

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Remember, you can only use one code per boiler installation and you can’t exchange the code for anything else.

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