Boiler Lockout Causes & Potential Fixes

A boiler can lockout due to many causes, however, the lockout process is a safety mechanism to protect the boiler’s components and ultimately the household from danger. During this article, we will discuss the causes of boiler lockout as well as explore some troubleshooting tips to locate the source of the matter and fix it, … Read more

Best Floor Standing Combi Boilers in 2022

Best boilers

Are you interested in a floor standing boiler?  Floor standing boilers are ideal for certain spaces, but unfortunately they aren’t as popular as wall-hung boiler units, so options are limited.  However, there are some reliable floor standing boilers available, but which brand offers the best? With a lengthy warranty too?  In this guide, we’ll explore … Read more

How to Fix a Timer on a Boiler: Quick Fix Guide

How to Fix the Timer on a Boiler

When a boiler’s timer doesn’t work it may stop the boiler from working completely resulting in a cold house, which no one cherishes especially in the middle of winter! This guide will run through what a working boiler timer should be doing as well as providing some troubleshooting tips for when things aren’t running correctly. … Read more

Can you Install a Boiler in the loft? Pros, cons & Regulations

boiler in the attic

In most homes, space is a luxury that is highly coveted. With the recent explosion of minimalism and Scandinavian-esque interior design becoming popular, many people have been left inspired to remove the clutter from their home and create a functional, clear space. Moving boilers from off the walls and out of cupboard spaces and into … Read more

10 Best Boiler Brands/Manufacturers of 2022

Best Boiler Brands

Buying a new boiler and getting it installed is an expensive process and since your boiler is likely to serve you and your home for many years, you want to ensure you choose a boiler that’s as reliable as possible. But with so many boiler brands/makes available, how do you know which one to opt … Read more

Boiler kW calculator – What size boiler do I need?

Boiler Size calculator

What size boiler do you need? Which boiler will provide your home with adequate hot water and heating without wasting energy and driving up your heating bills? The right size boiler for your home largely depends on your properties hot water demands but includes other factors such as the size of your property. In this … Read more

Best Electric Combi Boilers UK in 2022

Best electric boilers

Shopping around for boilers, including establishing a property’s requirements can be a stressful, overwhelming experience at any time, but undertaking this exercise following an emergency breakdown really isn’t much fun at all! New boilers are usually one of the most expensive household purchases, and therefore getting the best quality boiler, suitable for the property and … Read more

Boiler Service Costs- Average Costs in the UK

Boiler service cost

The costs of both the heating fuel and the fees involved with maintaining a heating system itself have been increasing over recent years, and therefore homeowners may question if the annual service for a boiler is really necessary. However, without keeping up with the regular boiler maintenance, the large costs of replacing the boiler could … Read more

Free Boiler Replacement grants for landlords UK

Boiler grants for landlords

Are you a landlord and are wondering if there’s any grants available for you or your tenants? Landlords have a legal duty to protect their tenants and ensure that their properties are safe to live in. If an issue arises with a boiler, whether it is faulty or just inefficient, it is the responsibility of … Read more