Boiler Central Review – 12 Year Warranty?

Last updated: November 15, 2023

You will be amazed to know that you can be looking for a boiler online one day, and get your boiler installed or replaced the next day with n additional charges for next day installation.

If you are wondering how that is possible, the answer is Boiler Central. With Boiler Central you need to invest the least amount possible of your time as well as your money and get your Boiler installed based on your need.

Who is Boiler Central?

Boiler Central is an online boiler installation and servicing firm based in the UK with a highly easy-to-navigate website that addresses everything you need to know about boilers, from installation to pricing to maintenance.

All of the installations completed by Boiler Central have a Gas Safe registration number, so you won’t have to worry about reliability, safety, or quality.

They are operating in the whole UK offering their complete service at affordable rates and no additional charges.

What services do they offer?

Boiler Central offers installation of a wide range of boiler types. Hydrogen, conventional, combi, system, oil, condensing, and electric boilers are all available for installation by Boiler Central.

Besides this, their online services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to schedule your boiler installation appointment at any time.

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What are Boiler Central’s unique selling points?

Boiler Central’s best feature is that they accept online orders and provide fair and fixed prices.

They assist consumers in determining their heating requirements according to their home size, location, and other parameters.

Based on those needs they compare different options and recommend the best boiler choice available on the market. Customers also have the option of choosing a time when they want to get the boiler installed.

Boiler Central Reviews

They are a leading UK boiler installation company that operates in the entire country.

Boiler Central is a boiler installation specialist company that conducts business exclusively online, with no uptight salespeople demanding to be paid as the middlemen, allowing boiler rates to remain low and inside everyone’s budget.

Boiler Central is clearly doing something right, as evidenced by over 1,000 authentic 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

This makes them one of the best choices if you are planning on getting a new boiler installed or changing the already existing one.

What boiler brands do they offer?

Boiler central keeps a versatile range of boilers available to match all of the clients’ requirements perfectly.

The boiler brands they offer are Worcester Bosch, Alpha, Viessmann, Valliant, Glow Worm, Ideal, Baxi, and Zanussi. Different types of boilers by the mentioned brand are kept available to be installed whenever and wherever required.   

Why choose Boiler Central?

There are several options of boiler installation companies available in the market however what makes Boiler Central the most wanted option of all is the trustworthiness and peace of mind that it offers to customers.

  • No Middleman: Because the entire boiler purchasing procedure has been simplified, you may walk straight to the installers and pay only for the boiler unit and installation. You won’t have to pay the commission that big firms generally put in the cost of a new boiler.
  • Flexibility: Boiler Central gives you the option to choose your boiler online and guides you about what kind of boiler you should invest in along the way. This helps you clear your mind and understand your requirement and eventually saves you time. Other than that, you can pick a date and time when you want them to come to the vicinity and install your boiler. You are free to pick a time according your schedule and save yourself some time
  • Price rates: Boiler central has the fairest prices available on their website and they expect you to pay the fixed price mentioned. This means you will know exactly how much you are paying and will not be charged additionally by any means.
  • Comparative Analysis: Boiler Central helps you understand your requirements for a boiler based on your space, budget, location, and many other parameters. They research and do a market analysis to pick out the best options available for you in the market. This makes your choice more efficient because whatever you end up choosing for installation is going to be one of the most satisfactory choices.
  • Gas Safe registered boilers: All of Boiler Central’s boiler installers have a Gas Safe registration number. This indicates that they do have the necessary qualifications and have completed the required professional examinations in order to provide high-quality, safe, and dependable boiler replacements.
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What payment options are available?

The complete payment can be made with a credit card or through PayPal. You have the option to buy now and pay later.

You can also pay on a monthly basis. Simply select the option that best meets your requirements. As a result, the last thing you need to do is pay for your new boiler.

At this stage, you must input your information and select a payment method. You don’t have to pay anything until the boiler is mounted on your wall and operational. Until this time, your money will be held in escrow pending payment.

If you come across an unexpected boiler breakdown or anything similar which leads your boiler to malfunction, it is highly possible that you don’t have the cash on hand to purchase a boiler outright. If this is the case, you can use boiler finance to set up a payment plan with Boiler Central.

You can stretch the expense of the boiler over two, three, five, seven, or ten years. It’s entirely up to you. The fewer the payments, the longer the payback period, but you will pay more in interest over time. A brand new boiler can be had for as little as £10 per month.