Scottish MPs Called to Address Fuel Poverty Crisis

Last updated: May 9, 2024

This week, a coalition of prominent civil society groups, led by the End Fuel Poverty Coalition and Energy Action Scotland, issued a plea to all Members of the Scottish Parliament.

The letter, distributed on Monday, implores MSPs to transcend partisan divides and unite to tackle the critical issue of fuel poverty, which currently plagues more than 400,000 Scots living in cold homes.

The letter underscores that the crisis disproportionately affects the most vulnerable groups and highlights research indicating that 69% of Scottish social workers report encountering individuals living in cold, damp residences.

Campaigners have put forward six critical demands for MSPs to effectively address the crisis in cold homes.

These include passing a Heat in Buildings Bill with stringent measures to improve energy efficiency and insulation, bolstering tenant protections in the ongoing Housing Bill, and enhancing government support to aid families during the cost of living crisis.

Additionally, advocates are calling for the reinstatement of the Fuel Insecurity Fund and a more precisely targeted Pension Age Winter Heating Payment.

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