TotalEnergies Teams Up With Air Products To Supply Hydrogen

Last updated: June 11, 2024

French multinational energy and petroleum company TotalEnergies has signed a 15-year agreement with industrial gases supplier Air Products. This deal seeks to increase Europe’s supply of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen is substantially more eco-friendly than natural gas and significantly more efficient. The reason for its environmental value comes down to its release of water into the atmosphere as opposed to greenhouse gases.

Hydrogen can still release pollutants like nitrogen oxides (linked to health hazards like smog). However, a push toward hydrogen could significantly aid in the UK’s push toward carbon net zero by 2050 all the same.

The 15-year deal struck by both firms aims to provide Europe with 70,000 tonnes of hydrogen fuel each year beginning in 2030. More specifically, this hydrogen will be added to the Northern European refineries operated by TotalEnergies. This will come from Air Products’ global supply network.

Solar power, wind energy and heat pumps have been increasingly in focus lately. That said, hydrogen is gradually gaining interest from governments, investors and the wider public across Europe.

Hydrogen does still face various challenges, however, including competition from conventional and other modern energy sources. Hydrogen also comes with greater explosive potential than natural gas, making it intrinsically more hazardous.

With further investment, government supports and ideally steps to improve safety, hydrogen may play a significant role in the future of energy generation worldwide. That said, only time will tell how this alternative gas will fare amid a transition toward greener energy sources.

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