Renewable Energy funding & Services (UK Guide)

Last updated: November 15, 2023

With an aim to encourage and facilitate the installation of renewable energy technologies, the UK government has taken various initiatives in the form of grants.

These grants will help the UK to meet its net zero emission 2050 goal by shifting away from fossil fuels to using low-carbon sources of energy. 

Renewable (Green) Funding Currently Available:

Below is the current list of available renewable funding & services that operate across the UK:

EV charge point grant for landlords

This grant is specifically aimed to provide financial support to commercial landlords to install EV charge points at residential or commercial properties anywhere in the UK.

The grant is provided by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) the approved installers.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) offers grants to landlords and private sector property holders in England or Wales to install low carbon heating systems i.e. heat pumps. 

The grant aims to overcome the upfront cost of renewable heating technologies and will be open for domestic and small non-domestic properties in England and Wales from 2022 to 2025.

Wales Green Homes Incentives

This scheme provides loans with reduced fees to small and medium-sized residential developers who are developing low-carbon homes in order to meet the Net Zero wales by 2050 goals.

The developers meeting the criteria can be given 100% of the building cost as a loan from Development Bank’s Wales Property Development and Wales Stalled Sites Funds on up to a 2% reduction in loan repayment fees.

The criteria for the loan is that all new buildings should meet the low carbon criteria which include EPC A rating, non-concrete structure and non-fossil fuel heating system.

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Flexibility Innovation Programme 

This programme aims to support UK businesses that are helping the transition to a smart, flexible and decarbonised energy system.

The programme is closed for new applicants in July 2022. 

Electric Vehicle ChargePoint Tourism Recovery Fund

As the name suggests, the grant aims for the tourism business to contribute towards the cost and installation of EV charging points in order to encourage Electric Vehicle usage.

MSIP Accelerator Programme

The programme is designed to support 15 young and ambitious companies who come up with innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and decarbonisation in their businesses.  

Net Zero Hydrogen Fund IUK competitions

The  £240 million Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF) is aimed to support commercial projects that strive to produce low carbon hydrogen during the 2020s. 

In the long term, the fund is supporting the companies to meet the target of 10GW low carbon hydrogen production by 2030 and the Government’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050 goal. 

Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Pilot Fund

The fund aims to promote and strengthen the electric vehicle infrastructure by installing more EV charging points throughout the UK.

Scottish Government- Social Housing net zero heat fund

The funds of over £200 million will be available to small or medium-sized social housing providers across Scotland to install renewable sources of heating in the properties besides taking other energy-efficient measures in existing dwellings. 

The fund is yet another step by the Scottish government in achieving its goal of emission reduction in buildings where one million homes will be converted to zero or low-emission heating systems by 2030. 

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The other target that this fund is seeking to achieve is the conversion of traditional heating types in domestic and non-domestic buildings to renewable sources by 2045.

Open Digital Solutions For Net Energy SBRI Competition

The funding is aimed at UK businesses that can develop software, hardware  and data solutions for a smooth transition to a net zero energy system in the UK.

Scotland- Low Emission Zero Retrofit Fund 

This fund aims to support micro businesses and sole traders in Scotland to convert their existing non-compliant vehicles with Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) approved solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Scotland- social enterprise net zero transition fund

With an aim to support Social Sector Organisations (SSO) to become carbon neutral, Social Investment Scotland is providing loans from £10,000. 

Wales 35m SME fund

The Welsh Government has announced a funding package of a total of £35 million for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to develop innovative solutions that help for future growth following the impact of the pandemic and the UK’s exit from the EU. 

HSBC green SME fund

Funding of £500 million has been announced by HSBC to help small and medium-sized UK businesses (SMEs) to take part in various green initiatives.

Devon Green Innovation Fund

The funding, which closed in August 2021, was aimed to support businesses, community and public sector organisations to help Devon achieve net zero goals besides boosting economic growth within the country. 

Green Heat Network Fund

A £270 million Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) aims to promote greener technologies like heat pumps, and solar or geothermal energy in order to achieve the UK’s 2050 climate change commitment. 

Wales Local Energy Fund

The Bank of Wales is offering Local Energy Funds to support small and medium-sized businesses, community groups, social enterprises and local ownership models to come up with small renewable energy projects that carry long-term economical and environmental benefits.

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Nuclear Fuel Fund (NFF)

With an aim to facilitate Government’s ambition to increase civil nuclear deployment to up to 24GW by 2050, NFF will award grants to UK’s domestic nuclear fuel sector that will reduce the reliance on foreign imports. 

Emerging Energy Technologies Fund- Hydrogen Innovation Scheme 

The scheme aims to provide capital support in order to promote innovation and technological advancement in hydrogen production, storage and distribution. 

Northumberland Climate Change Fund

The funds are available to community organisations to develop and support initiatives that address climate change in order to achieve the Council’s target of net zero emission by 2030. 

Green Gas Support Scheme

The scheme aims to provide tariff support for biomethane produce in England, Wales and Scotland. The plants produce biomethane via anaerobic digestion which is injected into the gas grid. 

Heat Pump ready Programme

With an aim to support the development of innovative solutions in the heat pump sector, The UK Government has launched a heat pump-ready programme. 

According to UK government, official document heat pumps are a key solution to decarbonising homes and essential in meeting the net zero 2050 goal.

Red Diesel Replacement Competition

The £40 million red diesel replacement competition phase 1 (closed) was aimed at supporting firms in finding low-carbon alternatives to red diesel for construction, mining and quarrying.

Phase 2 of the project offers £ 32.7 million and will open in 2023.