Boiler Grants FAQ

Could you be entitled to a boiler grant? Learn all about them, along with the latest government funding in our in our latest FAQ

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Back Boiler Replacement Guide: Costs & Options

Back boiler replacement

Back boilers have been very popular in the UK over the years due to a reputation of reliability and longevity, however, by now they are very out of date and not very efficient.  In addition, heating engineers can often struggle to find replacement parts for back boilers as the older models are now obsolete. In … Read more

Best Condensing Boilers of 2021

Best Condensing Boilers

When replacing an old boiler for a new, modern boiler these days homeowners are more likely to consider the impact on the environment as well as the energy efficiency of the boiler. In this guide, we will explore condensing boilers including what they are, what to consider when selecting a new boiler and the best … Read more

What is ERP? Boiler Efficiency Explained

What is ERP

You may have noticed various energy-efficient ratings listed on electric appliances when browsing online or within retail settings and although seeking highly rated products, you may not have been too familiar with the scale or what ERP means. As the nation becomes more aware of the impact of global warming and carbon emissions, households aim … Read more

How to Fix the Timer on a Boiler

How to Fix the Timer on a Boiler

When a boiler’s timer doesn’t work it may stop the boiler from working completely resulting in a cold house, which no one cherishes especially in the middle of winter! This guide will run through what a working boiler timer should be doing as well as providing some troubleshooting tips for when things aren’t running correctly. … Read more

Best boiler brands of 2021

Best boiler brands

Requiring a new boiler is not only a costly event but the process can also be overwhelming as there are many brands of boilers available on the market, also offering various models, how does a property owner know which one to choose? In addition, a replacement boiler is often needed in a hurry due to … Read more

Boiler size calculator – What size boiler do I need?

Boiler size calculator

Shopping for a new boiler can initially feel like an overwhelming process due to the number of brands and boiler options available on the market, successful marketing campaigns by big brands and varying product warranties and after-sales, however, we are here to help guide you through the process. Due to the costs involved with purchasing … Read more

Boiler Service Costs- How much is it? & How to save

Boiler service cost

The costs of both the heating fuel and the fees involved with maintaining a heating system itself have been increasing over recent years, and therefore homeowners may question if the annual service for a boiler is really necessary. However, without keeping up with the regular boiler maintenance, the large costs of replacing the boiler could … Read more