No Power to Boiler – Causes & Solutions

No Power to Boiler

Boilers can break down for a number of reasons and the solutions usually vary in complexity and price. In situations where there is no power to a boiler, often there is an electrical issue at the source of the problem. This article will provide some troubleshooting tips in order to help the investigation as to … Read more

Boiler Installation Guide

Boiler Installation Guide

Boilers are one of life’s essentials and unfortunately even the most trusted and reliable model will eventually require replacing. Should you be starting to worry if your boiler needs replacing, you’ve come to the right place! During this article we will discuss the entire process of boiler installation; from when a boiler should be replaced, … Read more

Best Combi Boilers of 2022

Best combi boilers

If you are looking for a new boiler, possibly following an emergency breakdown, it is likely a quick installation is required, however, the best model at a competitive price will also be of interest. Unfortunately, boilers do not come cheap and therefore, customers will be looking to ensure that their boiler purchase is for; the … Read more

WarmZilla Review for Boiler Replacement

Warmzilla Boilers Review

If you are already browsing the boiler market in order to either replace a faulty boiler or install a new system, you may have already come across the company WarmZilla. In the post, we will explore what WarmZillia is and how it works, what types of boilers the company supplies, and the average costs involved … Read more

Compare BOXT Boiler Prices 2022

Boxt boilers prices

If you are on the hunt for a new boiler installation, you have probably come across the online boiler platform BOXT. Let’s face it, they’re everywhere? Before BOXT, the main option for consumers was to make enquiries with local plumbers, but many felt this process took too long, wasn’t transparent and offered poor value for … Read more

Back Boiler Replacement Guide: Costs & Options

Back Boiler Replacement

Back boilers have been very popular in the UK over the years due to a reputation of reliability and longevity, however, by now they are very out of date and not very efficient.  In addition, heating engineers can often struggle to find replacement parts for back boilers as the older models are now obsolete. In … Read more

Best Condensing Boilers of 2022

Best Condensing Boilers

When replacing an old boiler for a new, modern boiler these days homeowners are more likely to consider the impact on the environment as well as the energy efficiency of the boiler. In this guide, we will explore condensing boilers including what they are, what to consider when selecting a new boiler and the best … Read more

What is ERP? Boiler Efficiency Explained

What is ERP?

You may have noticed various energy-efficient ratings listed on electric appliances when browsing online or within retail settings and although seeking highly rated products, you may not have been too familiar with the scale or what ERP means. As the nation becomes more aware of the impact of global warming and carbon emissions, households aim … Read more

BOXT Boiler Replacement – A Comprehensive Review

BOXT Boiler Replacement

If your boiler has had a breakdown recently, has been costing you a fortune in small repairs or is simply on its last legs, you may have been considering replacing it, with a modern one. If you have already started undertaking research online, you may have already come across BOXT, the online boiler supplier. BOXT … Read more

Boiler Lockout Causes & Potential Fixes

A boiler can lockout due to many causes, however, the lockout process is a safety mechanism to protect the boiler’s components and ultimately the household from danger. During this article, we will discuss the causes of boiler lockout as well as explore some troubleshooting tips to locate the source of the matter and fix it, … Read more